Looking to re-home some NeXT hardware

Chris Reuter bulk at blit.ca
Tue Mar 7 22:10:40 CST 2017

I have some NeXT hardware that I'm looking to re-home.  Items include:

     1 NeXT cube with an unknown expansion card
     2 Monochrome monitors
     2 NeXTStation "slab" workstations, non-functional
     Boxed NeXTStep installation media with manuals (may not be complete)
     2 Mice, 3 keyboards, various cables, SCSI drives, odds and ends.

(Picture at 
the fruit is not included.)

I'm located in Toronto; preference will be given to anyone who is
willing to come here and haul it away.  I *may* be willing to ship it
somewhere, but if so, you're paying for it and it can't cause me a lot
of hassle.

Everything is believed to work unless marked otherwise; however, it's
been years since I powered up any of these so I can't promise

The monitors both worked when I last tried them.  One had succumbed to
the dimness problem but the other was still bright, if blurry.
Presumably, you could swap CRTs and have one like-new NeXT monochrome

One of the two slabs would get partway through its boot sequence
before hanging so it might be easily fixable.  The other one was
stripped for parts before I got it.  The Cube worked the last time I
tried it.  I did, however, try to add a second drive, which didn't
work.  This may have screwed up the SCSI termination.

My preferred contact email is <chris at blit.ca>.


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