Fluorescent lights (Was: Full immersion emulation)

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Tue Mar 7 23:51:25 CST 2017

have no idea...  wife bought them at  home depot  they were  not cheap but 
just twisted ino fixture and  done.
I am going to  do dame in some of the  rooms at  SMECC  museum too.
I like a simple  fix and this was!
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On 3/7/2017 11:04 AM, Ed via cctalk wrote:
> we  had   tubes  with LEDs in them... took old    florescent  tube out of
> fixture.. twisted in the   thing  with the  LEDs in it  that hacked  
wight  into
> the lighting  fixture and  done!  Ed#
I've asked about those and have no sources of  such.  They do have to 
work thru ballasts and deal with starter  issues that are no longer 
relevant, unless you remove and rewire the  ballasts / starters out of 
the old fixtures.

The things I've seen  are the same form factor as a 4' dual tube dual 40 
watt fixture with 110  in and light out.  Pull and toss an old dual tube 
fixture and replace  with new LED.  But I've not seen the tube solution.  
I've got a  couple of spots the tube thing would be desirable, but no 
source of  such.  If you do have a source I'd be  interested.


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