Looking to re-home some NeXT hardware

Tapley, Mark mtapley at swri.edu
Wed Mar 8 10:06:03 CST 2017

On Mar 7, 2017, at 10:10 PM, Chris Reuter via cctalk <cctalk at classiccmp.org> wrote:

> I have some NeXT hardware that I'm looking to re-home.  Items include:
>    1 NeXT cube with an unknown expansion card

One reasonable candidate would be a NeXTDimension video card. Connectors on mine, from the top:

1) DE-9
2) DIN
3) RCA
4) DIN
5) RCA
6) RCA

(large space)

7) video, with coax imbedded among other connectors in a D shell - 13W3, I think.

If true, this is a reasonably valuable card. However it would make sense for there to be a color monitor (Sun or NeXT or similar) somewhere nearby if that’s what this is.

>    2 Mice, 3 keyboards, various cables, SCSI drives, odds and ends.

Those all look to me like the original non-ADB keyboards and mice

> The monitors both worked when I last tried them.  One had succumbed to
> the dimness problem but the other was still bright, if blurry.
> Presumably, you could swap CRTs and have one like-new NeXT monochrome
> monitor.

“Blurry”, in my experience, often clears up after 12-24 hours of running. It may be worthwhile to power it up and leave it that way for a day or so to see whether this works for you as well.

I truly hope someone saves these! 

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