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Pete Turnbull pete at dunnington.plus.com
Wed Mar 8 12:46:23 CST 2017

On 08/03/2017 07:11, Tor Arntsen via cctalk wrote:

> I tested 'whois -h whois.denic.de uni-stuttgart.de'
> from Oslo, London, Tokyo, and it seems to work fine - I got all
> expected whois output. Tested yesterday too.
> Sounds like it may be the whois client instead - what OS are you guys
> using, and which 'whois' version?

This is rather intriguing.

No, not the fault of the whois client.  I repeated yesterday's tests and 
a few more because I'd closed the terminal windows I used yesterday, and 
also to try to eliminate any temporary aberrations.  I did wonder if 
whois.denic.de is actually a load-balanced server farm and I just 
happened to be hitting a broken member of the farm and some of you guys 
weren't.  But that does not seem to be the case.

FWIW I was using linux whois-4.5.17 originally from www.linux.it, based 
on the RIPE whois client, compiled locally from source under IRIX.  It's 
part of various Linux distributions and it works on hundreds of other 
whois servers; I use it frequently (part of my job) and never had a 
problem before.  That's important because when I eventually found the 
"DENIC Public-Whois Documentation" I noted that it recommends the RIPE 
whois client.  So just to be thorough I downloaded and compiled the 
latest RIPE whois on an Ubuntu Linux system and get a similar result 
with a standard query.  I also downloaded and tested Microsoft's whois 
for Windows and got the same broken result, same "Error: 55000000007 
Request not clearly specified" message.

More importantly, I tested connecting directly using telnet to port 43, 
exactly as specified in RFCs 3912 and 954.  Here it is again, showing 
the output of the (required) HELP command:

$ telnet whois.denic.de 43
Connected to whois.denic.de.
Escape character is '^]'.
% SYNTAX: whois [-r] [-T types] [-C charset] key
% where our server understands the following options:
% -r                      turn off recursive lookups (default: on)
% -T ace                  ACE input for domain lookup
% -T domain (dn)          only look for objects of type domain
% -T status (st)          only look for domain status
% -C charset              specify character set for the input/output
%                         Available charsets: US-ASCII, ISO-8859-1, 
UTF-8 (default)
% NOTE: Read the detailed documentation for valid argument combinations. 
There are two special queries
% [?, HELP, help]         displays this text
% alive at whois             returns 'alive' if whois server runs properly
% Detailed documentation under https://www.denic.de/webwhois/?lang=en
Connection closed by foreign host.

Notice that - unlike normal whois servers - this one apparently requires 
some other stuff, possibly including the text "whois", as part of the 
query. That may explain why a normal whois client gets an error, because 
the standard way to make a query is simply to send the string to query 
(eg, "uni-stuttgart.de" or "dunnington.cx"):

$ whois -h whois.denic.de uni-stuttgart.de
% Error: 55000000007 Request not clearly specified

OK, so back to telnet, and try it with the syntax DENIC claims to want:

$ telnet whois.denic.de 43
Connected to whois.denic.de.
Escape character is '^]'.
-T dn uni-stuttgart.de
[lots of output]

Aha!  That works.  But I can't replicate it with most whois clients.

However, it /does/ work with the jwhois client, which some linux systems 
have, and which seems to have some special method to deal with DENIC. It 
doesn't work with the RIPE client - despite DENIC recommending that - 
unless you construct a rather odd-looking query by adding at least "--T dn":

gleek:whois3-3.2.2 $ ./whois -h whois.denic.de uni-stuttgart.de Domain: 
Status: connect
gleek:whois3-3.2.2 $

gleek:whois3-3.2.2 $ ./whois -h whois.denic.de --T dn uni-stuttgart.de
[lots of output]
gleek:whois3-3.2.2 $

So IMHO it's broken; it doesn't respond to a standard query format as 
defined in the RFCs, but only to a modified query string, one which some 
perfectly good clients can't correctly format.

Just for comparison, I also tested the RIPE client, Microsoft client, 
and telnet with some .co.uk, .ac.uk, .com, .cn and .cx domains using 
several whois servers, and found a standard query worked every time. 
Obviously that's not exhaustive but so far whois.denic.de is the only 
one I've found with this odd behaviour.

Pete Turnbull

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