Looking to re-home some NeXT hardware

Tapley, Mark mtapley at swri.edu
Wed Mar 8 13:22:08 CST 2017

On Mar 8, 2017, at 1:09 PM, <bulk at blit.ca> <bulk at blit.ca> wrote:

> It's been a long time since I had the Cube open so this is from memory.  However, I'm reasonably sure that this was based off a NeXT card (whose name escapes me) that was half bus interface and half prototype board so that you could build one-off interfaces.  I originally bought the Cube as surplus from the University of Waterloo, so I'm guessing that it's an interface to some piece of lab equipment.
> Here's a slightly blurry picture of the Cube's back:
>    https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B0Sme9n3mG2UYUxuVWZ2eXhfS2M/view
> The Mystery Board occupies the leftmost slot (IIRC).

	Now that is interesting! I concur completely, this does not look anything like my NeXTDimension. But it looks from the outside as though you have not one but two boards on the left side. My cube originally had only the board on the right of your picture (and in that same location). Unless there are internal connections between the two slots on the left side, you may have two Mystery Boards. 

	Very neat! I hope we get to hear more about this system eventually.
								- Mark

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