NeXT in Toronto/Canada - was Re: Looking to re-home some NeXT hardware

Mouse mouse at Rodents-Montreal.ORG
Wed Mar 8 21:01:32 CST 2017

> I'm also a Cube owner in Toronto.  Maybe we should start a local
> collector's / user's group :D

> Any others care to speak up?

I'm in Ottawa.  I've got a - very small! - collection of NeXT hardware.
A slab or two, at least one megapixel display (the 2bpp greyscale
kind), some small number of keyboards, a mouse or two, that's probably
about it.  I gave away my Cube years back.

I've been tempted to get rid of them, but feel sentimental enough about
having developed MouseX that I've so far avoided doing so.  Also, I've
been holding out the (admittedly slight) hope that hardware
documentation will surface for the interesting hardware; I do not run
closed-source software, so that's important to me.

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