10x life size sculpture of a ZX Spectrum PCB

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> [...]
>>> My friend Roger took a picture of this sculpture at the Jerwood Gallery in
>>> Hastings on the south coast of England:
>>> https://www.flickr.com/photos/25143643@N07/32505083723
> A Model 3, by far the most photogenic of all the boards because the design has
> the fewest bugs and isn't covered with bodge wires. Whether the artist knows
> this is debatable; only collectors tend to care about this stuff and the Model
> 3 was by far the most common.
> [...]
>> Nice attention to detail there but who's going to tell him the wiring on his
>> modulator looks odd :D
> It is no doubt faithful to the usual half-arsed assembly job that comes free
> with every Sinclair machine :)

His has the regular RF connection and I suspect the red wire is a facsimile
of the usual composite mod which is to take the video signal straight out of
the RF port after disconnecting the modulator internals...

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