Aquired PDP 11/23

Systems Glitch systems.glitch at
Sun Mar 12 15:56:53 CDT 2017

> Are dectape II tapes expensive?

TU58? They're hard to come by, but the good news is you can *emulate* them with a PC and a serial port (or USB adapter). That's how I run XXDP on most of my systems, and pretty much all of the systems I check out for people. You've got a DLV11-J in there so you've already got SLU0 in place (or can strap it up for it). AK6DN has a bunch of useful TU58 images premade, with listings of what XXDP utilities are on them.

It's also possible to boot other OSes on TU58, like RT-11. There's even a patched RT-11 driver to fudge the capacity on TU58s so you can use the emulator(s) to store a much larger volume of data. Helps to set SLU0 for a higher speed than 9600 if you plan on doing that :)


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