Looking to re-home some NeXT hardware

COURYHOUSE at aol.com COURYHOUSE at aol.com
Sun Mar 12 21:26:11 CDT 2017

OK anyone else have a cube out there that is  cosmetically  decent?  does 
not need to be internally complete?
Ours is a bit of a beater  for the  display
thanks  Ed Sharpe archivist for smecc
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santo.nucifora at gmail.com writes:

On Sun, Mar 12, 2017 at 10:13 PM, <COURYHOUSE at aol.com> wrote:

ok can you spare the cube?
Ed# _www.smecc.org_ (http://www.smecc.org/) 

No.  As I noted, I haven't even booted it up yet to try it.  I  will be 
keeping that, one of the mono NeXTstations (the one for parts ) and  passing on 
a NeXTstation to a fellow collector.   I appreciate the  interest but it 
hasn't even warmed up yet from the cold :)


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