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 Well I recently retired and was asked to return all training materials to my employer. I refused as the contracts included in the front of the books clearly stated that these were licenced to me personally not to whoever paid for the course, and were not to be passed to any one else, including my employer. I wonder if they would have sent me if they known? If the materials are meant to be so licenced I would expect them to include a specific reference to the licence some where at the front. In the case of AIX as folks are still running AIX courses I suspect that releasing them to the public may not be legal...


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> As others said, we're not lawyers so ymmv but I would take it as the same as
> selling a used cd, dvd, software or books. The usual law is we can't copy it. So
> scanning it, if that company or company's intellectual property is still in
> existence they might care. But selling originals is usually ok unless specific
> wording against it, although that's also probably the original owner in contract
> not yourself. Ironically I was *just* having a similar thought and self
> conversation with some training materials I just purchased from a used book
> store.
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> AIX documentation I have a number of binders that have pretty thorough
> AIX documentation, but the trouble is, there are from security classes that
> were taught by private companies. Am I legally allowed to resell these?

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