AIX documentation

Noel Chiappa jnc at
Mon Mar 13 09:37:03 CDT 2017

    > From: geneb

    > A lot of /completely irrelevant/ technicalities, especially considering
    > the material in question is a physical object, not software.

Doesn't matter. The various matters I raised (copyright, restricted rights,
trade secret, and ownership) apply to printed documentation as well as

    > See here:

That only applies if the item is i) not a copyright violation (i.e. it's an
authorized copy), ii) legally the property of the entity selling it, etc.

On the first, I have the impression (although I can't find, after some
searching, a formal citation) that it is not legal to sell an un-authorized
copy, even if the seller is not the entity which did the un-authorized
copying. (I.e. if person B makes an un-authorized copy of person A's
copyrighted content - an act which is definitely not legal - and sells said
copy to person C, I don't believe that person C has the right to sell that
un-authorized copy to person D.)


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