sourcing Atmel 29Cxxx series flash roms

dwight dkelvey at
Mon Mar 13 11:55:39 CDT 2017

Didn't mention what package?


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On 03/13/2017 02:23 AM, David Griffith via cctalk wrote:
> I'm almost out of Atmel 29C256 flash roms.  I use these
> primarily for P112 boot roms.  I'd like some more because
> I still have P112 boards to sell... and I want them for
> other projects.  Mouser, Digikey, and Jameco don't have it
> anymore.  What are you guys doing to get these and
> equivalent chips?
I have some 27C256, don't know if those are compatible.
Alltronics in San Jose (or thereabouts) used to have a
massive stock of older chips.


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