help needed installing USB to Serial Cable for ADTPro

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On 12/03/2017 20:57, "Joe Giliberti via cctalk" <cctalk at>

> The bootstrapping option is grayed out in ADT so I can't do that. I
> don't have access to my usual tools for the next few days, so I can't
> loop the pins

I've replied on FB but for completeness and historical recording I'll put it
here too. Granted the PC currently in use is a 32bit XP machine so I could
make sure everything was working on a real 16550 UART before going over to
the USB adapter but I'll try a win 7 64bit machine when I get the chance.

My adapter is a clone one with the CH340 chipset used and abused on arduino
clones so I already had the driver package, it was discovered as COM4.

Fire up ADTPro via the .bat file, go to serial setup to make sure COM4 is
selected along with '//c with imagewriter cable' then plug in the //c and
boot to the ] prompt followed by:


On the PC go to 'bootstrapping -> ProDOS -> speediboot' and hit OK...up she

I've just seen a message from David Schmidt, if anyone knows why yours
doesn't work he will given that he wrote ADTPro in the first place :)


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>> On 12/03/2017 01:52, "Joe Giliberti via cctalk" <cctalk at>
>> wrote:
>>> Not great news :(
>>> The computer recognized the serial port on COM5 and ADTPro says that
>>> it is connected. I am using the null modem cable from RetroFloppy for
>>> the //c and the Radioshack cable with the Prolific chipset (I switched
>>> over to this one because I thought this problem was caused by the
>>> other cable.) I set the working directory in ADT where the DSK files
>>> are and set the baud rate in Windows, ADT on the PC and ADT on the //c
>>> all to 19200. When I boot up the //c, I select (R)ecieve, punch in the
>>> filename, hit enter and...Host Timeout.
>>> Any idea what might not be working now?
>>> I really appreciate everyone's help
>> You can check if the PC is talking to the //c by doing a bare metal
>> speediboot - this will check the comms are working:
>> Can you do a lookback test on the USB adapter by looping pins 2&3 then using
>> PuTTY to talk to itself?
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