Looking for Apollo Workstations for TV show

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Mon Mar 13 15:45:59 CDT 2017

The director can and do make changes to props. Even insured, one

may still find significant damage to equipment loaned to any of the entertainment


You'll get payed what ever the insurance company figures is far.

A better way to deal with it is to have a deposit an what the terms are for

refund of the deposit.

That way the production company deals with the insurance company.

You make the deposit what you feel like.


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On 2017-03-13 4:15 PM, Al Kossow via cctalk wrote:
>> If it says "Earth is destroyed, the programmers failed"
> You appear to have no clue what "Halt and Catch Fire" is.

...But if the TITLE of the show says "stuff catches fire" that's a
pretty big warning right there.

Seriously, though, there should be an efficient way of aligning hoarders
and set dressers. Especially in my town Toronto, which is full of prop
shops since so much film and TV is done here. I've got a Televideo
terminal, among other things, that's dying to embrace a retirement of
film cameos.


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