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Please all be careful here. Myself and a friend lent some beautiful Teletype Model 28's ASRs and KSRs with special reperfs, etc.  My friend, the real TTY expert, accompanied the machines on set of a TV pilot ("GOOD GIRLS REVOLT "). When they were returned to him, all three of his machines were destroyed. Mine fared better but his were destroyed. And yes, he put a claim into his insurance, but the machines are not easily replaced. On the greenkeys list (where tty's are discussed) there are many horror stories of equipment rentals gone bad. We all want the history preserved and one way to do that is to reintroduce new audiences to historic technology. So these movies and TV shows have their place. Just don't lend anything you aren't prepared to have returned to you in pieces.


Here are some pictures of the set where the machines were used).

73 Eugene W2HX

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Be sure to ask what they will do with those devices.  I've read some horror stories about people who provide stuff to moviemakers only to find out afterwards that they have been destroyed as part of the film.

That may not apply here, but still, it's worth getting the right guarantees in writing, and a very substantial insurance.


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>> Hello Steve,
>> I am working on an AMC TV series called "Halt & Catch Fire" and I came across your website during my search for Apollo Workstations. The show is set in 1993, and we're looking for three complete workstations from that era. Would you have any that we could possibly purchase or rent? If not, would you know of another place I could look?
>> I didn't see these on your list of items, but we are also interested in Sun SparcStation 10 workstations and Silicon Graphics workstations from 1993 and before. 
>> Please let me know as soon as you have a chance if you would be willing to work with us. Thank you very much for your time!
>> All the best,
>> Olivia
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