Optical Mouse Pads

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I'd be interested in one compatible with Sun 5 mice -- right now I use a printed paper mousepad when I get out my Sun boxen. If no one else is interested, I'd like one or two of them, and if they're otherwise going in the trash, I know a few people I could give them to.

Does $5 each + shipping sound fair? I have no idea what they're worth, I haven't ever really sought them out.


Not sure if the Sun 5 was different (didn't even know there was a Sun 5).  But other than the
Sun 3 with the bigger squares these look exactly the same. $5 each for two sounds good to me.
Postage will be $7.00 according tot he receipt from the last envelope I sent out.  So $17.
Give me an address and I will pack them up.  Don't know if I willg et to the PO tomorrow, though.
We have over 2 feet of snow and it is still coming down.  Roads here are all closed and the PO
may not even open up tomorrow.  But I expect I can get there by Wednesday or Thursday latest.

Just wrap some money in a sheet of paper and mail it to:
  Bill Gunshannon
  508 Bidwell Hill Rd.
  Lake Ariel, PA 18436


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