Pair of Twiggys

Fred Cisin cisin at
Tue Mar 14 17:22:41 CDT 2017

>>> Good grief!  When did Lisa stuff get so expensive?  I just did a 
>>> search for Apple Lisa on eBay.  Am I this out of touch with the hobby?
>> Yes, we are.
On Tue, 14 Mar 2017, Zane Healy wrote:
> LOL, thanks Fred!  I’ll freely admit that I’m out of touch, as these 
> days my focus is my photography.  Since I need to free up space to build 
> a better darkroom, the rise in value is of interest.  Maybe I can free 
> up some space and fund the my darkroom project. :-)

Ah, out of touch on that, as well!
"But, you can do ANYTHING with Photoshop!"   Yeah.  right.

Want a stabilization processor?
Most of a ragged Beseler 45, plus a dichroic head that I never got around 
to rebuilding and mating?
Movie film daylight developing tank?  (motorized back-and-forth reel to 
reel 16mm, 35mm, but not large diameter reels)
Fujinon desktop holography camera?  (needs new laser tube)
bellows for 35mm?   tilt and shift?   (I am keeping my 
Hama/Kenlock/Spiratone for now, but getting rid of the rest)
Selling my Linhof and Tachihara soon.

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