Pair of Twiggys

william degnan billdegnan at
Tue Mar 14 17:30:45 CDT 2017

> I know the Knight TV system at the AI Lab was a very early bit-mapped
> display, but I don't know where the idea first appeared. (There were of
> course influential earlier display systems, such as the one on SAGE,
> althoug
> those were of course all stroke-based systems, given the limited memory of
> the period.)
Anyone know about the Volscan "GUI" that allowed a person to point a light
gun at a display, points representing planes, in order to automate landing
them?  I made a page about the Volscan in 2006, may need updates.  "Volscan
Light Gun for assigning Antracs (Auto-matic tracking-while-scanning)."  but
here it is.


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