Univac I memory tank

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Wed Mar 15 08:32:19 CDT 2017

I can't imagine why it needed to be reworked. That is only what I was told. I always thought it was kind of funny.

The Olivetti used a piece of wire for the delay line. I forget what the Dielh Combitron used but I know it used a two delay lines. One was for registers and the other was for lookup tables that loaded at turn on time from a metal tape ( as I recall ).


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>     > From: Dwight Kelvey
>     > I need on of those.
> I think it belongs in a museum, actually. Provided they can make it work, of
> course! :-) I wonder how many working delay line main memories are left in
> the world?

CHM has one: http://www.computerhistory.org/collections/catalog/X976.89

It used to be on display, perhaps it still is.


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