Ardent Titan

Randy Dawson rdawson16 at
Wed Mar 15 13:19:41 CDT 2017

Hi Torfinn,

It was in FreeBSD ports, in graphics but they removed it (why?).

I saved it, its pretty extensive, including manuals.  Any suggestions where to put it up (I have microsoft onedrive)

Does Al at bitsavers want it?


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> Kubota (who purchased Stardent) put the rendering software, Dore' in the public domain.  I have built it here under FreeBSD on a PC; it was in the ports system for a while, and without to much messing with,
> I got the demos running (FLAG, a flag blowing in the wind, with controls for wind speed and direction, controlled by the knob box) are still impressive.

Interesting. Is the source for Dore still available? I did a quick
search with Google, but didn't find anything.

Have a nice day.
Torfinn Ingolfsen

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