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Thu Mar 16 05:09:06 CDT 2017

On 16/03/2017 07:30, SPC via cctalk wrote:
> Well... I'm needing some of them for my PDP8/E. So I think this is a good idea.
> Regards
> Sergio
> 2017-03-16 1:30 GMT+01:00 Philipp Hachtmann via cctalk <cctalk at>:
>> Hi folks,
>> this might be quite interesting for the folks that miss front panel switch
>> handles!
>> As some of you might know I'm currently working (a bit) on a new batch of
>> Omnibus USB boards. And I have announced that there will be a kind of handle
>> for the boards this time... I went to my neighbour and showed him some bits
>> and pieces. He has a nice little workshop for concrete artwork
>> ( and spent a lot of time into perfecting his
>> moulding skills.
>> I gave him a pdp8/e yellow switch handle with broken axle (usual problem) to
>> try what can be done.
>> Today I came home and he gave me the piece saying that he was unable to
>> replicate it. I took it (a bit frustrated) and stated that he has somehow
>> ruined the surface... Haha! It was the replica!
>> He told me that this was a first "fast" shot including a "rough"
>> approximation of the colour.
>> I was stunned!
>> Here you can see pictures. Even the defects of the original have been
>> replicated.
>> He told me that it was a bit difficult to get the holes at the side right. I
>> think that it would be no problem if they'd be more shallow or even gone.
>> * His material is less translucent than the original. Won't probably change.
>> So a perfectionist could spot the difference.
>> * He states that he can hit colors even better! (Think of the special
>> colors!!!)
>> * The axle stubs would be omitted and made of steel (something I already
>> plan for repair of that weakest point)
>> * He is able to produce flawless finish (remember: it's a raw prototype!)
>> This is not my business. I told him that I'd ask around if there would be
>> serious interest. He is not in vintage computing and does not work for free.
>> So one piece would probably cost around 5-15 EUR each, depending on demand,
>> color etc.
>> Please give some feedback!
>> Philipp :-)
Ok having had a chance to think. Here are a few comments.

1.  Rather than single items a full set to suit say a PDP-8/e  might be 
an idea.

2.  This would prevent color mismatches where replaced.

3.  Any chance of say 8/i rocker switches.

4. Whats the production method?

5. Whats the production rate?

6. Batch to batch color matching?

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