DEC frontpanel switch replica!

Pete Turnbull pete at
Thu Mar 16 05:03:54 CDT 2017

On 16/03/2017 00:30, Philipp Hachtmann via cctalk wrote:
> I have announced that there will be a kind of
> handle for the boards this time... I went to my neighbour and showed him
> some bits and pieces. He has a nice little workshop for concrete artwork
> ( and spent a lot of time into perfecting
> his moulding skills.
> I gave him a pdp8/e yellow switch handle with broken axle (usual
> problem) to try what can be done.

> Here you can see pictures. Even the defects of the original have been
> replicated.

These are wonderful.  At €5 - €15 I'm sure I could find a need for a 
few, especially with a metal axle instead of the plastic stubs.

Pete Turnbull

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