CDC 1700 Fortran [Was: Architectural diversity - was Re: Pair of Twiggys]

Pontus Pihlgren pontus at Update.UU.SE
Mon Mar 20 03:07:38 CDT 2017

On Fri, Mar 17, 2017 at 11:16:20AM -0400, John Forecast via cctalk wrote:
> I just released a new version of the CDC 1700 simulator for SIMH. This 
> is a one’s complement, 16-bit machine and the Fortran compiler is now 
> functional in 16KW of available space (a smaller version (12KW) was 
> available but I don’t know if any copies survived). The source code 
> for the compiler is available on Bitsavers - it’s written mostly in 
> Fortran.

How did you bootstrap the compiler? Or did you have a binary to start 


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