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> Why?  The old nonsense still works!  I gotta bring it out now and again to
> keep the rust off and the joints moving freely. :)


> ITYM, "more buttons confuse those with cognitive delay". :)

This isn't a great citation, but here's an example of the kind of
quantitative measurement I mean:

There are others:

What I can't find right now is the research into the time taken to
click a button when the user either has only one button, or a choice.
The time goes up with the number of buttons, AIR, *even with
experienced users*. It takes a decision to pick which button, and even
though it's a very fast one, it's still an extra load. With no choice,
that's gone.

I strongly prefer multibutton mice. Even on my Macs, as soon as they
got USB so they didn't cost extra. On OS X there's rich right-button
support. But it is demonstrable that both 1 button is quicker, and is
all you need.

Now, of course, multitouch is rendering all this moot...

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