Suggestions why SCSI 80 drive w/ SCSI2 (50) adapter will not spin up ?

Paul Berger phb.hfx at
Tue Mar 21 07:59:50 CDT 2017

On 2017-03-20 11:50 PM, Pete Lancashire via cctalk wrote:
> Host is a HP 9000/382
> Copied the orig drive using a linux box, adaptec 2940N and good old dd
> Then swapped drives, a unused 9 GB 80 pin with a Chinese 80 to 50
> adapter.
> Did have to issue a spin up command and then copied the data to this drive
> again with dd.
> Powered all off, added a motor start jumper to the adapter and put it on the
> 9000/382. Motor will not start, added a jumper right on the drive, no spin.
> so .. any ideas what I'm doing wrong, or just try a different drive ?
> -pete
Further to my previous reply, did you use the same SCA to 50 pin 
adapter?  If so then that would suggest the adapter is OK. If you are 
jumpering the drive to spin on power then it should start up as soon as 
power is applied, the pins on the SCA connector that affect motor 
operation are 38 RMT_START and 78 DLYD_START both should be left open 
for spin on power.   If RMT_START is grounded motor will only start on 
command if DLD_START is grounded motor start will be delayed 12 seconds 
X SCSI ID.   Does the drive spin if it is not connected to the SCSI 
bus?  I suppose it is also possible that the drive does not support 
"spin on power" so again knowing what drive model you are using would be 


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