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Subject: booting os/8

Hi folks,

I have a PDP-8/e that I've been working on. I have completed construction of AK6DN's RX01/02 emulator. I got to the step tonight where I was trying to boot an OS/8 disk image and nothing was happening. I realized that I do not have the bootstrap diode board in my 8/e so begin the bootstrap triggered by the "SW" switch.

Does anyone have the program I can toggle in for the bootloader? What I found is somewhat confusing. Here is a discussion on this topic.!searchin/alt.sys.pdp8/RX01$20boot|sort:relevance/alt.sys.pdp8/9-GCoA0PCLA/370T3R-Ru_AJ

It seems one fellow was attempting to edit/improve the bootloader of another fellow. I was wondering if anyone has distilled this into something simple. At the moment, I care only about booting from RX01-Disk0.

Any pointers greatly appreciated. Thanks
Eugene W2HX

Well, I am sure glad someone posted this.  I had never heard of the work done by AK6DN and have considered
looking into such a project in the past.  

So, has anyone looked at someting sililar for RL drives?


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