Re: Extracting files off “unknown” 8 inch disks. Any thoughts…

Chuck Guzis cclist at
Thu Mar 23 20:32:37 CDT 2017

On 03/23/2017 04:53 PM, Terry Stewart via cctalk wrote:
> One other question regarding using this MS-DOS 486 to run an 8 inch
> floppy drive when attempting to read/imaging etc.of a god-knows-what
> format.
> What should I set the BIOS to?  Should it be the 1.2MB 5.25 setting?
> Do I need to even worry about the bios if I don't want to boot off
> the 8 inch disk?

If you're using ImageDisk or 22Disk or most other
direct-controller-access utilities, it doesn't matter; the BIOS doesn't
play a part in the overall scheme.

If you want to goof around with it with DOS native utilities, you can
set the drive type to 1.2M 5.25".  Just note that the drive will always
be in high-density mode.  No 360K mode.


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