Seeking schematics/maintenance prints for DMB32/T1012 and H3033 distribution panel

Ethan Dicks ethan.dicks at
Thu Mar 23 16:12:22 CDT 2017

Hi, All,

With all the recent chatter on the VAX8200 on the simh list, I was
motivated to dust mine off and do a little digging.  I finally took
the plunge and got a DMB32 (right now, all I have are the 4 built-in
console ports) but while it was easy enough to find the
8.5"x11"-format user guide and technical manual which describe
registers and installation and problem diagnosis, I also want the
internal cable pinouts and schematics.  I know it's harder to find
post-Unibus-era C-sized prints since DEC stopped shipping printsets
with every order, so I have to ask, does anyone have any schematics
for either the T1012 module, the H3033 I/O bulkhead board, or both?  I
can likely quickly recreate the schematic for the H3033, it's 10
D-shell connectors (8x DB, 1x DC, 1xDD) and 6 30-pin ribbon cable
connectors.  Lots of signals, but lots of repetition.  The D-shell
pinouts are in the documenation I already have.  The 30-pin
connectors/BI fingers are not.  But if the schematics are already
available, I don't have to buzz one out.

Thanks for any new docs.


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