GImix Ghost Video Board

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  I think you may struggle. Looking at the early 6800 Journal there are many boards, which can use Gimix “Ghost” addressing and are supported by the GMXBug includes the driver software.


volume 1 n 5 Page 3 (P5 in the PDF) has a Gimix advert. There is a GMBBUG 02 manual on the flex user group site, but it stops at the chapter before the screen i/o routines….









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No.. mine has a 2513 character generator.. the one in the ad uses ram based character generation.  Based on IC dates my board looks like mid to late 70s.. a fair bit earlier than that one.




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Is it one that's in the catalogue here:-


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> Hoping someone might be able to help me on this.
> I got a Gimix Ghost SS50 video board today and was trying to find a
> I'm sure these were used in Gimix's own ghost systems but the very limited
> info I've come across out there suggests they may have worked with any
> SS50 system.  It basically provides a direct composite video feed out from
> computer, I assume bypassing the need for a terminal.  I plugged it in and
> fired it up on my SWTPC 6800 and it is working - I think - it generates a
> screen of readable random characters.  However it does not put up anything
> from the computer - that still goes out via terminal.  I'm assuming Ghost
> systems were wired up somehow to use this.. I'm hoping to find a manual
> that explains how.  I don't see a keyboard interface for it anywhere so
> this went along as a complete Ghost system with hardware I don't have.
> Thanks if you have anything!

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