[VideoMagia] Reparando um Vectrex

Chuck Guzis cclist at sydex.com
Fri Mar 24 13:47:35 CDT 2017

On 03/24/2017 08:34 AM, Alexandre Souza via cctalk wrote:
> Well...there is some description in english, google translate is a
> very useful tool and the post has a pertinent video. I cannot view it
> as spam. Anyway...sorry for bothering :)

I rather enjoyed the Vectrex story--and  yes, Google translate works
pretty well.

I remember when the Vectrex came out--and I wondered how well an MPU of
the day could keep up with drawing relatively complex game displays,
since, unlike a raster display, the vector display has to be
continuously regenerated.  It clearly worked.

Thanks for the narrative,

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