Microdata and Decision Data haul from usual site

jim stephens jwsmail at jwsss.com
Mon Mar 27 19:56:26 CDT 2017

I was able to get hold of a lot of boards which had been pulled from two 
Decision Data's and a Western Dynex 2400 RPM 10mb (probably) drive.

The Dynex drive is similar to the RL02 and in fact was configurable to 
look like one in one of the options.  Microdata would have used 24 
sector packs vs. the 12 sector packs used by DEC, however.

One of the CPUs is a pretty ordinary Data / Control set made by 
Microdata but with most of the etch and silkscreen modified to have 
Decision data info.  I'm going to check with my Microdata people and see 
if anyone recalls if this was done by Microdata, or by DD themselves.

There is a nice find however, a 2901 CPU 16 bit system cpu set and 
memory.  It also runs in the 130 pin Microdata 1600 backplane, which 
makes it interesting.  I'd love to get information and drawings as much 
as might be around for this set.

May be donating most of it to add to my 1600 system @ the CHM, as there 
are boards here which I didn't have examples of to donate at the time.  
Will check with them after I fondle the boards for a while.

It's cool to have an additional example of a possible Microdata 1600 
type CPU, as this is one of my collecting areas.

I'll be adding in titles and comments on the photos later, but here are 
photos of the boards for now.



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