Scrounging - was Floating point routines for the 6809

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> I need to scrounge around

Hmm. That is not a possible usage of "scrounge" the way I know it. You
can't scrounge something you already have. It doesn't mean "search
for", it means "to pilfer", to get something off someone by the
pretence of borrowing it when you have no intention of ever returning
or repaying it. I.e. it's borderline theft.

It can mean to scavenge or to forage -- to go and seek something that
isn't yours that you can take and keep or use.

It doesn't mean to borrow, to seek, to look for.

Maybe it has a slightly different connotation on this side of the pond; I don't think it would mean "borderline theft" for most people.


scrounge around (for something) American English
 Leroy would scrounge around for old car parts.

We would usually use "mooch" or "sponge" for _taking advantage of_ someone's generosity.

What would you call posting a want on freecycle?


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