pile of gear for sale (DEC, Sun, PC, ephemera, v.35 cables, etc etc)

Andrew K. Bressen akb+lists.cctalk at mirror.to
Tue Mar 28 16:08:45 CDT 2017

I have about four or five hundred things I'm ready to stop owning.
I'm in Boston. If anyone wants a number of objects, I could deliver
to VCF East this weekend. 

Inventory list at: 

I have someone interested in getting all of the TK-50s, OSF/1 and
Digital Unix CDs, and some of the VME boards, so those things might 
not be available.

Contact me at decruft @ mirror.to please. 

Items I'd especially like to find good homes for are the DECNIS
cables and the Adak ISDN box, anyone interested in those items 
is welcome to them for cost of postage and a good story about why
you want it. 

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