Acclaim Entertainment Indy (with data, emails, etc) on eBay

Michael-John Turner mj at
Tue Mar 28 16:12:42 CDT 2017


I came across this on eBay today:

To quote from the listing:

	Own a piece of gaming history! This Indy workstation was once owned by 
	Acclaim Entertainment, the legendary game publisher, and was liquidated 
	at Acclaim's bankruptcy sale in 2004. It sat untouched in a Brooklyn 
	warehouse for more than a decade before being recovered last year.

	This Indy, "pup," was used for internal Acclaim business operations at 
	its headquarters in Glen Cove, NY. It features user account information 
	and internal company files for a number of Acclaim employees:

	Andy Skalka: More than a hundred e-mail messages about Acclaim IT 
	operations (see photos)
	Danielle Papsidero: More than five hundred e-mail messages (see photos)
	Rob Zimmelman: Image sequence for Dragonheart game combat
	EVa motion capture editing software (unlicensed)
	BioMotion motion capture editing software (unlicensed)
	Motion captured animation data (Dreamworks, baseball, Batman, etc.)
	Licenses: various expired and/or inactive licenses for Nichimen N-World 
	and BioMotionEditor

No affiliation with the seller, but it sounds like an interesting piece of 
history. Price is $199 BIN.

Cheers, MJ 
Michael-John Turner * mj at * 

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