PSU protection with resettable polyfuse

Adrian Graham binarydinosaurs at
Wed Mar 29 10:00:26 CDT 2017

Hi folks,

The PSU for my Executel 8085 system is an Astec AC8151-01 40W 5A unit that
puts out +5/+12/-12V. A while back somone suggested using an ATX PSU in its
place which TBH I'd forgotten about untl I saw a breakout board that you
plug a 20 or 24 pin ATX supply into and it terminates each rail in whatever
you choose to solder in. ukp8, rude not to :)

My only worry is an ATX PSU is capable of putting out a lot more than 5A if
it goes wrong so I'd like to protect each rail with an appropriate fuse.
Any downsides to resettable polyfuses?


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