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> What I'm asking for is help/recommendations in terms of a good hotel to
> stay at that is relatively close to the museum.  I don't want to be in a
> luxury hotel, nor do I want to be in a dive.  I'd also like to be in a
> place that has a restaurant relatively close by (preferably within
> walking distance) that I could get some decent meals (breakfast/dinner)
> while I'm there.

There aren't a lot of hotels in Mountain View, and what there are are not
easily within walking distance of good food (In 'n' Out does not qualify).
Most are on El Camino Real.  Looking at one which I have used (Hilton
Garden Inn) for relative pricing, it's not available for your dates and
all the others I would point you towards are in the $250-$400/night range.
This is the heart of Silicon Valley, after all, and lots of business travel
ends up in these places.

You're at the height of the tourist season, too.  The place I stayed last
weekend in Milpitas for $130/night is $260 for your travel dates.

Sorry for not being terribly helpful.


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