Trip to CHM - Hotel/Restaurant Advice

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Fri Mar 31 00:00:10 CDT 2017

On 03/30/2017 08:56 PM, Bob Rosenbloom via cctalk wrote:

> Corporate Systems Center, and Martin, still exist, as Digital
> Loggers, on Walsh Av. I still work there, 20+ years...

I still have the manuals and software for his Fastcache and Fastecache
32 SCSI controllers.  Got rid of the cards themselves a long time ago
when better cards became available and 30-pin SIMMs were no longer popular.

I think I still have a system around here with an ESDI drive that I got
from him.  There was another lesser-known outfit (the name escapes me)
in Sunnyvale that offered cut-rate deals on big hard drives.

And of course,  the business retail outfits, Inmac with its trademark
blue cables.   TI had a retail store in Stanford Shopping Center.

And if you couldn't find a part you needed, a few beers at the Walker's
Wagon Wheel in Mountain View after work would turn up someone who could
filch what you needed from their stock at work.

Remember Haltek in Mountain View?  (wasn't it at the dead end of Linda
Vista?  I bought my Tek 465 there.)

What was the name of the warehouse operation in Palo Alto that just had
stacks of stuff with no particular organization?  I bought a lot of
cable there.

I remember the smell of tomato sauce that pervaded Sunnyvale in the
summertime and all of the seasonal cannery workers. The cherry blossoms
that would make piles in the streets come springtime. Santa Clara may
have had Italian prunes, but Sunnyvale had cherry orchards.

Remember Chez Yvonne in Mountain View on El Camino with its geriatric
waitresses that would call you Shveetie and Yvonne herself holding court?

When a bunch of us got Durango started on 10101 Bubb Road in Cupertino,
there were canneries in back, just across the railroad tracks in Monte
Vista.   Some kids had the building space across the road trying to get
a little outfit called "Apple" started.   Wonder how that worked out...

After being gone for almost 30 years, I'd probably get lost now.  And,
as Thomas Wolfe said, "You can't go home again."


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