Trip to CHM - Hotel/Restaurant Advice

Sam O'nella barythrin at
Fri Mar 31 21:17:42 CDT 2017

I thought the Vintage Computer festival west link might have recommended hotels but I couldn't find anything for you.
I did a similar trip but needed to be quite a few hours south for my actual destination. I didn't find a very cheap hotel either, and the under $100 one I did find near long Beach was quite underwhelming. The type my wife wouldn't have let us stay at.
What I did find more useful was a super small rental car for $98 that did give me much more freedom to get around a few sites (and Weird Stuff).  It was highly recommended not to sleep in the car though so best luck.
I explored airbnb but it seems to mirror closely to hotel prices and a surprisingly large amount want a 2 day stay.
But CHM is definitely a fun trip. I have a quite large collection for home computing so I wasn't sure how long I'd stay occupied but between the demos and tours and just perusing I definitely could have enjoyed more than the afternoon I spent.
Best recommendations were ubering or rental car then get a hotel in your price range but don't worry as much about location. Or get one near the train.

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