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> Just to let folks know that I finally moved the IBM 4331 Mainframe this past
> weekend from where it was currently stored to my shop.  Pictures are here:
> <>
> As can be seen in the pictures, it filled a 26’ box truck that I had rented for
> this purpose.
> Right now I just have it placed somewhat in my shop.  Some early tasks will
> be:
>    * I have to verify that I have everything.  Even if I missed some items, they
> won’t be
>      scrapped.  I just need to go over what is currently in my shop and verify
> that I didn’t
>      leave anything behind.  I’m mostly worried about cables at this point.
>   * I have to figure out some way to produce enough “clean” 3-phase power
> to run the
>     peripherals (the CPU is 220v single phase) as I only have 220v single phase
> coming
>     into my shop.
> Starting to power it up will probably be a while yet.  ;-)

Yes I remember having a gentle discussion with the University of Salford electricians, who wanted to know why I wanted 2 x 100amp feeds for the room into which the 4361 (I think it was a 4361, might have been a 4331 or 4341) was placed. I don't think we ever loaded them at 100amps but that was what IBM required. One was for the AirCon and the other for the CPU. If I remember properly those disks are the truculent ones. Assuming you have AirCon they need to sit for several hours to acclimatise. 

> TTFN - Guy


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