IBM 4331 Mainframe

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Mon May 1 13:36:32 CDT 2017

On 5/1/2017 9:48 AM, Dave Wade G4UGM via cctalk wrote:
> Yes I remember having a gentle discussion with the University of Salford electricians, who wanted to know why I wanted 2 x 100amp feeds for the room into which the 4361 (I think it was a 4361, might have been a 4331 or 4341) was placed. I don't think we ever loaded them at 100amps but that was what IBM required. One was for the AirCon and the other for the CPU. If I remember properly those disks are the truculent ones. Assuming you have AirCon they need to sit for several hours to acclimatise.
>> TTFN - Guy
> Dave
The 4361 is the real gem to get in this type of system.  There is a 
builtin storage director as well as the 4 port comm controller.

The 43xx's all have 4 ports of 3270 with at least one of them being the 
3215 (I think) which is the console boot port.  The others are all 
3278s.  so you don't need to have a 3174 of any sort unless you have 
lots of lines, or need comms options.

Guy will have to have not only the DASD, but a storage director box 
running for this system.

I think you hooked 3370's up to the 4361 to get one string of 200mb / 
drive DASD.  So add a 3411 small tape, and you had a nice compact "PC" 
mainframe.  The fact you could run w/o  a storage director was good 
because it it was just one more big power hog.

BTW, Guy, I've got 2 or 3 of the suitcase setup boxes for this series.  
I collected them just for the hell of it.  If you end up shy of them, 
let me know.


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