Vaxstation 3100 of odd sort on epay

jim stephens jwsmail at
Tue May 2 19:21:28 CDT 2017

This might be a tempest or shielded vaxstation?  Anyone speculate or 
know for sure.

The vendor may have these mixed in as equivalent to their other 
vaxstations.  If you search for "DEC vax VS42A-BN"
you end up back at the vendors listing for the ones with plastic 
covers.  I didn't turn up any info yet, not hoping to.
but the thing has what appears to be optical, and a huge connector which 
may be shielded SCSI on the back.

I can't tell from the front, but there may be a hatch to allow it to be 
opened and a floppy inserted, not sure from
the photos.


Kind of an interesting device.

I looped back into the vendors listings to this auction for the plastic 
topped version, by the way


It is badged VT-1300 so may not be a vaxstation.  And the other box may 
be one of the VT-1300's
that is tempest or shielded.


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