Ohio Scientific Universal RAM Board GW-OSI-RAM1

Systems Glitch systems.glitch at gmail.com
Wed May 3 18:49:10 CDT 2017

Finished building a prototype mezzanine board and testing with the IM6100 (PDP-8 on a chip) in the 560Z board today. Full writeup:


There are a couple of tweaks required, but I should be doing a first production run of boards before long. This board is:

* 128 KW, 12-bits
* Optional memory management/bank switching
* No hard-to-find/expensive ICs (8T26, et c.)
* All through hole
* Includes lamp register mezzanine header
* Largeish prototype area

The lamp register is on a mezzanine for a few reasons. First off, octal vs. hex grouping! It really throws me off to try and interpret one on the other. Second, it allows remote mounting on a ribbon cable, i.e. board can be mounted to a front panel. Third, I'll likely design a 7-segment version.


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