SimH IBM1130 GUI appears broken

JAMES FEHLINGER jfehlinger at
Thu May 4 09:33:45 CDT 2017

I wrote, last night:

> In case anybody here is interested, I've discovered a
> satisfactory (to me, at least) resolution to this problem.
> I downloaded Carl Claunch's DMS disk (dms32k25011403.dsk)
> from . .
> Using this DMS disk (and with the appropriate changes to configuration
> files and Fortran decks), the latest SimH Win32 build (from May 2, 2017)
> works fine -- the simulator goes into Wait and allows access to the
> GUI following a boot of DMS and after a job finishes executing.

No, it doesn't after all.  By the time I got dms32k25011403.dsk working, I'd
managed to confuse myself about which SimH executable I was running.

The new DMS disk makes no difference as far as the GUI problem is
concerned -- the GUI only works as expected (and as described in
the Reference Guide from for simh-4.0-Beta--2016-01-07-e8ea427d
(and prior) Windows builds (and with no throttling, in all cases).

Sorry for the confusion.

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