Re: Re: Re: Extracting files off “unknown” 8 inch disks. Any thoughts…

Terry Stewart terry at
Thu May 4 17:40:46 CDT 2017

>Is your 8 inch setup capable of FM/single density?
>I think that Dave has a utility to test that.

Yes, quite capable.  It passes Dave's test and I have read/written in
single density when archiving other stuff.  Archiving my FM/single density
POLY and Panasonic stuff was no problem.

>It is more likely to be successful in 98 ("real mode")

No, this (at least the executable) was definitely designed to be run in
Windows.  It tells me  so if I try to start it under pure MS-DOS.

>Do you have access to any sort of "flux-transition" device (Central point
option board, cat-weasel, kryoflux, etc.)?

No. That option is out for me.


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