DEC Rainbow, Pro 380 parts available,

Paul Anderson useddec at
Fri May 5 01:49:55 CDT 2017

I have the following Rainbow/ PRO parts for sale. I would like to sell the
the mother board and everything on it. If I don't get offers for them, I
might split them up. I might have more loose parts as I continue digging.
No complete units with cases at this time. I'm waiting for some to arrive I
bought over a year ago.

Please contact me off list with any questions and offers. Shipping is from
61853, and will be $15 per PC100 mother board, overseas please ask me for
rate. I plan to ship everything sold next week.

UNIT 1:  PC100B motherboard
               RX50 controller 54-15482
               RD51 controller 54-16019
               8087 memory adapter 54-16535

UNIT 2    Same as unit 1

UNIT 3     PC100B motherboard
                RX50 controller

UNIT 4      PC100A motherboard
                 RX50 controller
                  54-15490 memory expansion, no sockets

UNIT 5 and 6  PC100A motherboard
                        RX50 interface

Misc- 2  H7842 power supplies

PRO items  3 PRO 380 motherboards

I hope everything is correct and there are no typo.

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