Beautifully-posed photos of various kinds of retro kit

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>  great to see things  displayed in a  'setting'  rather than just
> computers on shelves!


I was just relaying the link -- it's not my work. I sold or gave away
most of my Macs before I switched countries 3y ago, and the rest of my
vintage kit is in boxes in storage.

Except for the pocket-sized devices. I have room for a good few of
them. So I am now restricting my collecting mostly to such things:

* Psion Organizer II LZ, 3C, 5MX, Netbook
* Palm III and V
* Cambridge Z88
* Amstrad NC100
* HP OmniGo

I have an iBook G4 in bits -- it needs a new reed switch, but I lost
my replacement. I want to sell it and get a Pismo Powerbook so I can
run Classic MacOS on it. Then I will probably sell the G3s too; most
are already gone. I have 2 classic mono Macs -- one of them has to go,
and both the G5s.

I have a Thinkpad Butterfly that needs repair, and an ancient 386SX
and a 386 desktop. Not sure why, for the latter. ;-)

And the '80s classics, an Atari ST, Amiga, QL and Archimedes.

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