Vintage computers for sale

Amardeep S Chana asc135 at
Sun May 7 12:01:08 CDT 2017

A friend of mine was asking if anyone wanted an old CoCo 1 or 2, Apple IIc,
TI 99/4A and one or two other machines he was looking to rehome.  I
realized I had several vintage machines that I'd like to rehome myself.  We
were discussing the possibility of collaborating on a vintage swap sale of
some sort.  Then he went ahead and created a facebook group to post
pictures, etc. where he has some of his equipment listed.

So I have a couple of questions...

Is there already a well known online swap meet for vintage computer gear?
(i.e. NOT eBay!)  I'd rather not duplicate the effort and fragment the
market further.

If there isn't, I'll be putting up a few machines on my friend's facebook
group at .  I have a few
TRS-80 Model 4's, a couple of Model I's, a couple of Model II's, a Cromemco
Z-2D (with OEM labels on the face) which used to be a weather graphics
computer), a couple of Columbia M64 Shoebox CP/M computers, and a few Coco

The bulk of the people on the facebook swap group (including myself) are
located in Central Indiana.

I'll share the available computer details here on the list after I've done
the writeups and taken pictures.

Thanks and have a great day!

Amardeep (a/k/a Marty, AC9MF)

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