VCF-SE 5.0 Videos Uploaded

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Sun May 7 14:21:10 CDT 2017


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I was able to find time to edit and post speaker videos from this year's
Vintage Computer Festival Southeast held last weekend in Atlanta.
Amazingly I did it within one week and not a year or more! 

Here is the speaker summary and bios from the VCFed website:

And you can find the videos on the AHCS Vimeo channel: [2] 

Don French discusses the genesis of the TRS-80 Model I at Tandy/Radio
Shack: [3] 

Andy Hertzfeld from Apple talks Apple II and his journey to Cupertino: [4] 

Zach Weddington hosts a special screening of his Viva Amiga documentary
film followed by a panel discussion moderated by Adam Spring: [5] 

Chuck Peddle via Skype discusses the history of the personal computer
and his current projects: [6] 

I've also continued to work on the 4.0 backlog. I've added David
Larsen's discussion on the Bug Book series and his computer museum here: [7] 

And as-posted from last year, Bil Herd discusses his early Commodore
days: [8] 

I still have Ray Holt, Jerry Mannock, Mary Hopper, and podcast videos
from 4.0 in my work queue. 3.0, 2.0 and 1.0 to come (Jason Scott, Robert
Uiterwyk, Jonathan Zufi, Carl Helmers, Robert Tinney, Dick Huston, Dan
Kottke, and others). But no ETA on finishing as of yet, sorry. 

There are some flaws in video (Andy's lectern mic - doh!) and audio
(damn kids!), but they turned out ok. They are all open to free
download. But please give proper attribution when sharing. 

On behalf of the entire Atlanta Historical Computing Society who work
hard every year to make this happen, thanks and enjoy! We do this stuff
for you guys! 

Alan Hightower - President 


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