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Sun May 7 17:36:06 CDT 2017

Amardeep said
> A friend of mine was asking if anyone wanted an old CoCo 1 or 2, Apple IIc,
> TI 99/4A and one or two other machines he was looking to rehome.  I
> realized I had several vintage machines that I'd like to rehome myself.  We
> were discussing the possibility of collaborating on a vintage swap sale of
> some sort.  Then he went ahead and created a facebook group to post
> pictures, etc. where he has some of his equipment listed.
> So I have a couple of questions...
> Is there already a well known online swap meet for vintage computer gear?
> (i.e. NOT eBay!)  I'd rather not duplicate the effort and fragment the
> market further.
> If there isn't, I'll be putting up a few machines on my friend's facebook
> group at .  I have a few
> TRS-80 Model 4's, a couple of Model I's, a couple of Model II's, a Cromemco
> Z-2D (with OEM labels on the face) which used to be a weather graphics
> computer), a couple of Columbia M64 Shoebox CP/M computers, and a few Coco
> 2's.
> The bulk of the people on the facebook swap group (including myself) are
> located in Central Indiana.
> I'll share the available computer details here on the list after I've done
> the writeups and taken pictures.
> Thanks and have a great day!
> Amardeep (a/k/a Marty, AC9MF)

There sure is. For those not on twitbook why not try the Vintage Computer Federation forums where
you get everything in one place - Buy/Swap/Sell, Auction announcements, and a great community in
the Discussion forums where there is both General and machine-specific lists. And of course photos
can be attached too.

There's also the reddit forum


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