FTGH Large amount of DEC/Misc Classic computer hardware

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>> > I’ve been told about reship.com who I guess are like a US equivalent
>> > of parcel2go over here. You pay domestic US shipping to them and they
>> > add a surcharge to forward it over to you, presumably by boat. What I
>> > don’t know is how that affects import duty etc but it might be worth
>> looking into.
>> >
>> > A
>> >
>> Interesting. I just checked the site. It looks to be mostly about giving you a US
>> mailing address, but then it just ships to you using a normal carrier such as
>> USPS, UPS, Fedex etc., so it doesn't seem likely that it would be a cheaper
>> way, or am I missing something?
>> Regards
>> Rob
> I think its more about being able to ship things were the vendor doesn't ship to the UK, or where you want to consolidate multiple shipments.
> Dave

Here's my experience with US re-shipping agents. Their charges vary in skewed ways not
always easy to guage. With the one I decided to use, I've had a 1 ounce packet of LEGO
bricks reposted at an outrageous cost of $40+ USD to Australia. On the other hand, they
shipped my mainframe console from NJ to Oz at an entirely reasonable rate, and looked
after it pretty well. If you have to use them make sure the seller attaches copies of the
invoice or eBay sale page etc. to the inside and outside and also posts a signed or
initialled one to you seperately as it really helps with customs.

In summary they are a lifesaver if the seller has pulled up the drawbridge (as some of
them have) to get an item shipped internationally. There are a lot of them to choose from
and to be honest I just went with the one that looked to have the friendliest website and
offered some extra services (repack item, photos of received item, amalgamation of
shipments etc.) but you could certainly do some comparisons on their re-postage rates.


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